From the very beginning, we’ve invested in the people, ideas and industries that can change the world and unlock a brighter tomorrow.


We built our expertise in spaces that make a real difference in financial planning. And we’ve designed investments that drive money into those sectors we truly believe in We finance property investment, helping the UK economy grow by releasing housing stock for redevelopment.  We also offer Mortgages and Loans for purchase and development.


We believe the best financial returns will come from investing in companies that care about their impact on the world. Not only should this make a bigger impact on environmental and societal progress, but it also makes investment sense.


We embrace new ideas and technologies to the extent we accept payment for properties using Crypto (USDT and BITCOIN).


Further services include the following.


•          Development: Residential and commercial

•          Refurbishment

•          Property Investments 

•          Investments with Crypto

•          Investment Loans 

•          Building Construction: serviced apartments, healthcare

and education facilities.


Buy Property With BITCOIN!

Cryptocurrency has exploded in popularity over the past few years and is finally making its way into real estate as an alternative and viable means of purchasing property.

Cryptocurrency, or “crypto”, as it is commonly known, is a type of decentralised online payment system which operates using a blockchain. Crypto can be exchanged for goods and services in the same way as physical money (fiat currency).

As the use of cryptocurrency becomes more widely acceptable and the monetary value of this asset class accelerates, many individuals are now choosing to use some of their crypto gains to invest in real estate.

We at The Capital Property and Investments Ltd are being asked on an increasingly frequent basis by curious prospective vendors and purchasers about the advantages, viability and legality of transacting using cryptocurrency. To utilise this exciting opportunity, we have teamed up with a leading UK specialist cryptocurrency law firm with significant experience of conducting crypto real estate transactions.

Please contact us should you wish to confidentially discuss the potential merits of buying or selling using cryptocurrency.

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